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Cosmetic Recontouring

What is cosmetic recontouring?
Cosmetic recontouring is simply changing the shape of teeth or gums. The shape of the teeth can be changed by removing small amounts of tooth enamel so the tooth is more evenly matched to surrounding teeth. The gumline can be also be changed to present a more uniform appearance.

Why contouring? If you have healthy teeth, but are dissatisfied because they are chipped or crowded, or you want a small adjustment to the size or shape of a tooth, then recontouring may be the solution. (Recontouring is often used to reduced the length of “eye teeth” to create a softer, more pleasing appearance.) Cosmetic recontouring is a quick and easy procedure that can be completed in just one appointment.

When should I consider cosmetic recontouring?
Tooth reshaping should only be used for minor changes to your teeth's enamel, or to make small changes in the gumline. Recontouring is more commonly used in combination with veneers or bonding. Cosmetic recontouring can be highly effective when it comes to perfecting an almost-perfect smile.

What does recontouring involve?
To begin the process, your dentist will set up a consultation with you. During this appointment, you will discuss what minor changes you would like to make to your appearance and you and your dentist will decide how best to go about achieving these results. Your dentist will take an x-ray of the area of your mouth that will be recontoured. Then he will mark on each tooth so he has a guide to follow during the procedure.

A variety of instruments may be used on your teeth to reshape and perfect them. Commonly, low-impact handpieces are used, such as sanding tools or lasers. Most often there is no need for numbing the area with anesthesia. After shaping, the teeth are smoothed and polished, and you will able to view the finished results of your now perfect smile. In cases where procedures such as veneers or bonding have been combined with the tooth recontouring process, the procedure may require several visits.

Is there any special care required afterwards?
Generally no. If there is any special care for your new smile, your dentist will let you know at the end of the procedure.

You will walk out of your dentist's office knowing you have the smile you have always wanted.

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