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Is there such a thing as “invisible braces?”
Invisalign® is the new, invisible way to straighten your teeth without having to wear braces. Made of clear, medical grade plastic that is strong and durable, Invisalign® offers an attractive way to correct gaps, crooked teeth, or bad bite without the need for bulky oral appliances.

How does Invisalign® work?
Advanced 3-D computer image technology is used to create a series of clear plastic “aligners” that fit in your mouth similar to the way tooth-whitening trays fit. Each aligner is worn for two weeks and then discarded for a new aligner. In turn, each aligner continues the process of correcting your teeth. During the treatment, you will remove your Invisalign® aligners only to eat, drink, and brush your teeth. Every six weeks an appointment will be made with your dentist so she can make any needed adjustments. Unlike braces, there should be no soreness or abrasions with Invisalign® and the adjustments will be purely cosmetic. Unlike conventional braces, the medical grade plastic aligners are extremely comfortable and seldom cause sore spots.

How do I get started?
At your first appointment, your dentist will explain each step in the process of straightening your teeth. Your dentist will take a bite impression (similar to a mold) and will have this information converted into an advanced, three-dimensional computer image. From this image, the computer will generate a series of precise bite impressions that will map out the process of aligning your teeth. Your dentist will manually make any corrections that he or she feels is necessary, and then will have the computer-generated bite impressions made into clear, attractive aligners for you to wear. You and your dentist can go over these images together, and he or she can answer any questions you may have. You should receive the first set of Invisalign® aligners within a few weeks. The number of aligners that you will wear will range from twelve to forty-eight, depending on your specific needs. Each aligner will be worn for two weeks, and treatment time will average between nine and fifteen months. The amount of time will vary depending on your specific needs, and your dentist will discuss this with you during your consultation and fitting. Invisalign® aligners are comfortable and easy to wear.

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