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Big, beautiful, bright smiles communicate lots of wonderful things. Not only do beautiful smiles create a more attractive appearance, they make us look more youthful, and big, proud smiles let others know we are confident. After whitening their teeth, most people feel more confident and smile bigger.

What is “teeth whitening”?
Whitening is a simple procedure that you can do at home over a period of several weeks, or your dentist can do it in his office in as little as one appointment. Stains caused by smoking or drinking caffeine and red wine, or that result from a genetic predisposition to yellow tooth enamel, lead to a dingy smile. We have reliable and safe methods for whitening teeth that can give you dramatic results, improving the appearance of your smile, and increasing your self-confidence . Over-the-counter products are available for the whitening of tooth enamel, but only a dentist can ensure safe and controlled results during the bleaching process. When you are ready for whitening, you will have a choice of how dramatic a change you would like, from a subtle brightening to a vibrant, bright white smile. Whichever route you take, you will notice a big difference in your appearance and your confidence.

What system do you use?
Zoom Whitening offers one of the most effective teeth whitening technologies in dentistry. We choose to offer the Zoom whitening program because it is safe, effective, and we have seen incredible results. We think Zoom is the best whitening program available. Most whitening toothpastes lighten teeth up to two shades lighter. Zoom can achieve dramatic results because their technology can whiten the average patient's teeth up to nine shades whiter. That's attention-getting.

How long does whitening take?
The Zoom Whitening process requires a single, one-hour appointment. (For patients with severely discolored teeth, two or more sessions may be necessary.) With regular care and maintenance, your bright smile can last for years.

What will the San Diego dentist do?
At your appointment, Zoom whitening gel will be applied to your teeth. The revolutionary, patented Zoom light is focused on your teeth to activate the gel. While the gel is whitening your teeth, you will be able to watch TV, read a magazine, or listen to music.

Are there any drawbacks to whitening?
The main ingredient in Zoom, hydrogen peroxide, is safe and has been used to whiten teeth for over 100 years. It will not soften your teeth's natural enamel or damage any existing fillings or crowns. You should not experience any pain or sensitivity from the whitening process, though it is best to avoid extremely hot or cold drinks for the first twenty-four hours after whitening. (Some patients experience hot and cold sensitivity for up to a day.)

Is there any follow-up?
After your appointment, your dentist will have a whitening toothpaste available for you to take home. Brush with the whitening toothpaste two to three times daily to increase the longevity of your new, bright white smile.

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